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Hybrid Car Review: Honda outlines its plans for the future

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Honda outlines its plans for the future

President Takeo Fukui outlined Hondas plans for the future in his Mid=Year CEO Speech. Honda is developing a new dedicated hybrid vehicle suitable for family use. They are hoping to take advantage of new technologies and offer this hybrid for less than the Honda Civic Hybrid. The Honda Civic Hybrid currently has a MSRP of $14,760-$23,650.

The Suzuka factory will produce this new hybrid. Honda projects sales in North America alone will hit 100,000, with worldwide sales hitting 200,000.

Honda is also planning on a new auto plant in the US, planned to be operational in 2008 capable of producing 200,000 units at a cost of $400 million. With this new plant in place, Honda will be capable of building 1.6 million units in North America. Honda is also planning on beginning operation in 2008 on a new engine plant in Canada. Fukui also pointed out the new transmission plant in Georgia began operations this month.

Questions that occur to me when I look at Hondas outline. Is this the new Honda Fit Hybrid? When in 2009 will it be available. Are they going to cut back on production of the Honda Accord given its poor sales these past few months? 100,000 sales is quite a jump for a car maker who may reach 50 to 60,000 units sold this year on all three of its current hybrid cars in the US. Does this mean the production block that has limited hybrid sales will be lifted by then?

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