Moms are looking for safety and fuel economy ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Moms are looking for safety and fuel economy

Monday, May 08, 2006

Moms are looking for safety and fuel economy surveyed more than 520 mothers of various-aged children (including expectant monthers) as part of their Mother's Day survey.

Over half of the respondents currently drive an SUV. 67% indicated that safety was among their most important consideration, followed by 52% who are concerned about fuel economy. While only 6% currently drive a minivan, 17% wish they did and 12% wish they drove a hybrid.

When It Comes to Buying a Car, Mom's the Word: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

When asked if they'd like to drive something different than the vehicle they currently drive, 52% responded they currently drive the type of vehicle they ideally want to drive, followed by 17% who responded they'd ideally like to drive a Mini Van, and 12% who indicated they'd like to drive a Hybrid.

I would say the numbers on SUV drivers and minivan drivers explain why there is a hybrid SUV, but right now, there is no hybrid mini-van.

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