One in Three Will Consider Hybrids According to a Consumer Reports Poll ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: One in Three Will Consider Hybrids According to a Consumer Reports Poll

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One in Three Will Consider Hybrids According to a Consumer Reports Poll

According to the latest poll by Consumer Reports, high gas prices are forcing people to change the way they drive. And one out of three are now considering hybrid vehicles.

Willing to Consider Hybrids
Almost all of those who are considering buying a hybrid cite fuel efficiency as a reason. Fewer than half of them consider the tax incentives as important, but instead: eighty-two percent were impressed by their reliability, and 74% liked the owner satisfaction ratings. Seventy percent want to reduce foreign oil dependence, while 64% find hybrid's evironmental friendliness to be important.

And Those Who Will Not
For those who would not consider buying a hybrid, higher costs seem to be the biggest concern. Higher purchase price (69%), maintenance (67%) and reliability (63%) were cited as major factors. More than half (52%) wonder about poor reliability.

Concerns about Gas Prices
Fifty five percent of those surveyed are considering a small car, while only twenty percent were considering a family sedan or SUV.

Consumers are also pessimistic about gas prices. Seventy two percent feel that fuel prices will be even more expensive next year. Seventy percent have accepted paying three dollars per gallon of gas, but only fifty percent were prepared to purchase at four dollars a gallon.

High Gas prices are Changing How We Drive
42% strongly agreed they will drive less to save gas
38% will reduce spending on restaurant meals and other entertainment
38% will drive more slowly and more smoothly in order to save gas
16% will walk or ride a bicycle more
13% will carpool more
10% will use public transportation more

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