Hybrids land in the top ten for city driving ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrids land in the top ten for city driving

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hybrids land in the top ten for city driving

ForbesAutos put together a list of the top 10 best cars to drive in the city and hybrids take top honors. The Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius took places one and two, respectively. Coming in at number six was the Honda Civic Hybrid.

The judges based their decisions on several very important considerations. How well will the vehicle fit on the streets? How easy will it be to park? How is the visibility from the driver’s seat? How well does it handle and maneuver, and how comfortable is it?

First, they excluded sports cars, convertibles and pickups because of their poor ingress/egress, easy access to vandalism and just having stiff springs. Otherwise they judgedt the best vehicles from 2006 with the smallest overall footprint (length and width), outward visibility including being able to see curbs (you really need to watch what the other guy is doing on crammed city streets and SUVs tend to block those low obstructions), ease of getting in and out of the vehicles, riding comfort, and turning radius.

What's really interesting about hybrids doing so well in this top ten list is the lack of fuel economy ratings. Oftentimes, when considering hybrids, the only concern given is to the best mileage and how high gas prices are today. Especially when considering city driving, where the hybrid engine is rated so well because it shuts down the gas engine when stopped or coasting.

Best and worst cars for city driving - ForbesAutos.com - MSNBC.com

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