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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota may be developing a hybrid sports car

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Toyota may be developing a hybrid sports car

Formula One has decided to focus more on fuel efficiency, by allowing alternative 'surge power units' into the Formula One race cars. Safety concerns are said to be paramount, but the only other restriction is a weight limit of 20 kg (44 lbs) for the complete system.

Among the possible technology systems available for use then would be hydraulic systems and 'inertia systems'. But any systems they use would need to 'be directly relevant to research to improve fuel efficiency in road cars.'

In the mid 90's two teams experimented with hybrid systems, but the engines were disallowed given safety concerns.

Following on Formula Ones announcement a couple of weeks ago, Toyota is now hinting at developing a hybrid sports car. Since they stopped production of the Celica and the MR2, they don't have a direct way of implementing any techniques developed by their participation in Formula One Racing.

And so they are considering building a new sports car. And as part of any planning that goes on at Toyota now, they are considering how to make it a hybrid car.

Source: EV World and Toyota Planning Hybrid Sports Car - Car and Driver Magazine - June 2006

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