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Hybrid Car Review: Bosch acquires Dana Corp. hybrid engine technology unit

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bosch acquires Dana Corp. hybrid engine technology unit

Despite Permo-Drive Technologies protests (and subsequent lawsuit), a judge has ruled Dana Corp can sell its hybrid technology unit fpr $2.7 million to Bosch. This hybrid engine unit develops hybrid technology for the US military vehicles like the HUMVEE.

Dana Corp filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in March and has been selling off many of its non-core units. Dana and Permo-Drive had reached an agreement to develop hybrid technology for military vehicles in 2003. They were also working on applying the same technology to other commercial vehicles, such as dump trucks. Permo-Drive protested the sale to Bosch because Bosch has a hybrid technology group they are in direct competition with and so the sale "violates public policy by eliminating competition to develop technology in this arena."

All three companies are auto parts suppliers. Dana Corp is based in Toledo, Ohio. Bosch is a German company, while Permo-Drive resides in Australia.

Source: Dana Aims to Sell Hybrid-Drive Unit

Dana's technology involves a system of computer-controlled pumps aimed at maximizing fuel efficiency. It also involves a system, developed in collaboration with Permo-Drive Technologies Ltd. of Australia, that allows energy generated by vehicles making frequent stops to be recaptured and put to use.

"Commercial vehicles that make frequent starts and stops would realize substantial fuel savings, as well as significant reductions in brake maintenance costs and vehicle emissions," Dana said late last year.

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