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Hybrid Car Review: Post April 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid Owners

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Post April 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid Owners

Anyone who bought a Honda Accord Hybrid post April 2006 should definitely take a look at this. Any Honda Accord Hybrid AT without this control calibration qualifies for a tax credit of $650. Anyone with it can get $1300.

This software update will help increase your fuel mileage in a significant way.

Thanks for the tip off, Mike.

Read more at the link:Calling any post-April 2006 owners! - GreenHybrid

DATE: July 14, 2006
TO: All Honda Sales, Service & Parts Managers
FROM: American Honda Service Division
RE: 2006 Accord Hybrid Campaign Announcement

Honda Motor Co., LTD. is announcing a product update campaign affecting 2006 Accord Hybrids thru VIN JHMCN3...6C002303. On affected vehicles, the original PCM software for the PGM-FI system and the A/T can be updated to increase fuel mileage. Updating the PCM software also allows qualified owners to claim a higher federal income tax credit (subject to various limitations).

NOTE: Customers inquiring about hybrid vehicle tax incentives should be directed to their accountant or other tax professional.

Repair Strategy
The repair is to update the PGM-FI and the A/T software with the HDS, using software version 2.005.004 or later.

For details, refer to service bulletin 06-045, Product Update: PCM Update to Improve Fuel Mileage.

Before beginning work on a vehicle, verify its eligibility by checking at least one of these items:

· The customer has a notification letter.
· The vehicle is shown on your campaign responsibility report.
· The vehicle is shown as eligible on a VIN status inquiry.

In addition, check for a punch mark above the first character of the engine compartment VIN. A punch mark in that location means this product update has already been done.

Some vehicles affected by this product update may be in your new vehicle inventory. These vehicles must be updated before they are sold or leased.

Customer Notification
Customers will be sent a notification of this product update on July 24, 2006.

Software Information
To successfully update the PCM, make sure the HDS is loaded with software version 2.005.004 or later.

Parts Information
Parts are NOT needed for this software update.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Honda Automobile Division

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat tip. I'm expecting some change in the EPA numbers due to the firmware change (I'm still fuzzy on the criteria that the gov uses to judge credit worthiness), but I havn't seen anything posted about it. I doubt they'd resubmit the 2006 model to the EPA since they're about to transition to 2007, so there'll be few clues until either 1) the 2007 model EPA numbers get published or 2) the GreenHybrid milage database reflects the change.

Anonymous said...

I've taken a swag at guessing the mpg change necessary to produce the tax credit change. It's an interesting exercise.

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