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Hybrid Car Review: Ford looks to build hybrid vans

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ford looks to build hybrid vans

Ford is not giving up on hybrid technology, they've just taken a side turn. After backing off a promise to build 100,000 hybrids by 2010 (an unlikely proposition when they are only selling 1,700 hybrid vehicles a month right now), Ford declared they were going to concentrate on flex fuel vehicles instead.

But at the same time, they announced a huge investment by Volvo into developing hybrid technology and now they are looking to build hybrid vans.

Azure Dynamics Corp announced they will be building a hybrid system for Ford's E-350 and E-450 commercial chasis by early 2008.

"Ford has stated its desire to become a world leader in hybrid vehicle technology," Azure Dynamics Chairman and CEO D. Campbell Deacon declared in the press release. "We are excited to work on this product."

It's an interesting insight into the Ford vision. They seem to be looking to capitalize in the hybrid marketplace on what they know about (Vans, SUVs) and are leaving the smaller vehicles to Honda and Toyota.

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