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Hybrid Car Review: Autobytel survey of hybrid car buyers

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Autobytel survey of hybrid car buyers

Autobytel conducted a survey of those consumers of hybrid cars. It turns out that:

  • 16% live on the West Coast
  • 21% live in the MidWest
  • 31% live in the Northeast

  • 43% are under 45
  • 24.5% have a college degree
  • Majority have a household income under $60,000
    • 35% make less than $40,000
  • Male to Female ratio is about even
  • 42% are minorities

    • 12% African American

    • 11% Hispanic

    • 10% Asian Americans
  • 40% are Republicans
  • 36% are Democarats.
Did you expect something different? I take no responsibility for how the poll was run, and whether this a good sample of all hybrid car buyers.

Source: Hybrid buyers veer away from expectations | Chicago Tribune

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