GM to produce hybrid cars in China ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM to produce hybrid cars in China

Monday, November 06, 2006

GM to produce hybrid cars in China

GM is looking to prodcue hybrid cars in China by 2008 along with its partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC). The good news is it looks like its going to be a hydrogen fuel cell-powered hybrid. But it's not clear form the story if that's true. The announcement was made by GM chief executive Rick Wagoner at in advance of the first test drive of the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Chevrolet Sequel in China, so I may be misinterpreting the story line.

* Update: I was misinterpreting it. They will be producing hybrid electric cars (HEV), not fuel cell hybrids. I really didn't think it was likely.

Source: General Motors, SAIC to build hybrid autos in China from 2008 -

"From a China and Asia Pacific perspective, development of world-class fuel cells and the associated infrastructure are key initiatives that need the support of industry, government and the academic community," Wagoner said in the statement.

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