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Hybrid Car Review: New mileage (mpg) ratings

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New mileage (mpg) ratings

The EPA is coming out with its new rating system for calculating mpg in new cars. Complaints were made about the old rating system given its age and unrealistic numbers (the most quoted complaint being testing was done without air conditioning or cold weather driving).

And so, the EPA has revised its tests to deliver more 'real world' figures. And so, consumers should expect a severe drop in mpg ratings on the window stickers. Hybrid cars are expected to get hit harder, since they have farther to drop.

The new figures are to be found on 2008 models, which may be found on dealers lots as soon as next month. Automakers expect quite a sticker shock from the new system, and have set up a new website to detail more information,

The EPA is also requiring vehicles as large as 10,000 pounds, up from 8,5000 lbs, to have stickers by 2011 for the first time.

Source: Automotive News (reg require)

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