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Hybrid Car Review: H-Racer

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


H-RacerWhile this isn't a hybrid, it's just too cool not to post about. The H-Racer, named one of the 11 coolest new products in the third annual Bottom Line Design Awards for ingenuity in business success, is (according to the press release) the world's best-selling consumer product to integrate PEM fuel cell technology.

Only 6-inches long, the H-Racer can go for three minutes using hydrogen fuel. A real , if miniature, fuel cell station is filled with water which is converted to energy via a solar panel. Fueling is animated by a special blue light display.

H-Racer can be purchased for $115 dollars from Horizon Fuel Cell. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is located in Singapore and established its key facilities in Shanghai.

You may want to hold off on buying right away, though. Scheduled for launch later this year is the R/C version of a newly designed H-racer toy car, which will offer longer run times, higher speed and R/C functionalities.

Thanks to autobloggreen for locating this one.

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