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Hybrid Car Review: Lotus Hybrid Proton Gen.2

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lotus Hybrid Proton Gen.2

Lotus is looking to break into the hybrid marketplace with a prototype to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show. The new model is named 'EVE', or Efficient, Viable and Environmental.

Lotus is hoping to integrate their hybrid technology into existing cars, rather than develop a dedicated hybrid platform. It will be less expensive to do so, but it may not be the best long term solution. The best counter example would be to consider the most successful hybrid on the road, i.e. the Prius, is a dedicated hybrid. Also Lexus is looking to build a hybrid only.

The Lotus hybrid engine has been fitted into a Proton Gen.2 for the show. The engine shows remarkable improvements, going from 39.2 mpg to 50.2 mpg and reducing tailpipe emissions by 22% (172 g/km to 134 g/km).

Source: theedgedaily.com

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