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Hybrid Car Review: Virginia has Extended the HOV Access for Hybrids

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Virginia has Extended the HOV Access for Hybrids

Viriginia has once again extended the HOV access for hybrid cars. Back in February, the VA legislature passed the HOV extension. Today, Gov. Tim Kaine signed the bill, allowing the extension to run through July 1, 2008. Hybrids and cars that run on compressed natural gas or hydrogen are allowed access if they have the 'clean special fuel' license plates. But after that, the rules get strange.

Whenever you bought your hybrid, you can drive solo, if you have the special plates, on I66 and the Dulles Toll Road (DTR). But you are only allowed solo access to I95 and 395 if you bought your hybrid before July 1, 2006. Lawmakers were worried too many hybrids were taking advantage of the law, possibly adding too much congestion to the HOV lanes.

There has been some debate about whether these extra cars are congesting the HOV lanes, but it's always harder to take away a privilege than it is to keep it. Besides which, most hybrid owners would argue they aren't the problem. The HOV lane is getting clogged by those who are breaking the law.

Source: Hybrids Can Keep Using Va.'s HOV Lanes via Metroblogging

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Anonymous said...

Any idea whether another extension will be made through 2009?

Unknown said...

My guess (and it is a guess) would be that it will get extended again. It seems to be a popular program and despite the controversy every time it comes up, it keeps getting extended.

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