Jamaica Cuts Import Duty, More Time Needed ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Jamaica Cuts Import Duty, More Time Needed

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jamaica Cuts Import Duty, More Time Needed

Jamaica, in an effort to help hybrid sales, has cut import duty on hybrid cars by sixty-three percent. I'm quite sure the consumers would love to take advantage of the reduced cost. Unfortunately, the premium price tag associated with hybrids isn't the problem.

Hybrids just aren't on the island, yet. Local dealers can only request hybrids be sent over, they can't guarantee it.

Another issue is the lack of trained mechanics. While most of a hybrid engine is the same and can be worked on by any mechanic, there are some unique parts that locals will need special training on.

Despite the difficulties, some are optimistic about the future of hybrid technology on Jamaica.

"It is an excellent move on the part of Government, as we have serious problems with the cost of fossil fuel," said Andre Hylton, owner of Andre's Auto Supplies.

Source: Duty cut on hybrid vehicles a non-starter so far - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM

Update: The reduction has officially occurred. On June 25, the Cabinet approved the ammendment to cut the import tax rate to 16.5% regardless of the size of the vehicle.

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