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Hybrid Car Review: Lexus LS 600h Pricing

Friday, April 06, 2007

Lexus LS 600h Pricing

Lexus announced the pricing for the LS 600h (the h is for hybrid). At a base price of $104,000, not many people are going to be able to afford this luxury sedan.

With a V8 powertrain mated to dual-stage continuously variable transmission (CVT), the engine will produce more than 430 hp. At the same time, the luxury hybrid has attained a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) rating. Which means it will emit nearly 70 percent fewer emissions than the 'cleanest' of its competitors.

The LS 600h will be available in June. The luxury Lexus (follow the link to find out how luxurious this Lexus will be) was revealed at the New York Auto Show last year. There will be two models, the regular and the long version (Lexus LS 600h L) which has a longer wheelbase of 12 cm.

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