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Hybrid Car Review: What the Candidates Drive

Monday, April 02, 2007

What the Candidates Drive

If you're worried about what kind of car the candidates are driving, I think you're worried about the wrong things when it comes to who to vote for on election day. But, as a point of interest whenever they debate over alternative fuels, fuel economy, and/or hybrid cars, I do think it is relevant to the story.

So here you go:


  • Mitt Romney: Mitt announced his candidacy while standing in front of a hybrid Ford Escape and a Rambler from AMC. But he drives a Ford Mustang, while his wife drives a Cadillac SRX SUV. He did rent a flex-fuel vehicle in Iowa while campaigning.
  • Rudolph Giuliana: Campaign uses a Cadillac Escalade, but Rudy will walk between destinations when the cameras are rolling. <- That's probably unfair of me, but it was noted in the article that he walked to his next destination after giving a talk on energy policy.
  • John McCain: Drives a Cadillac CTS.
Source: Campaigns Save Energy With Hybrid Cars - Los Angeles Times

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