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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Ferrari?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hybrid Ferrari?

According to Motor Authority, there may be a hybrid Ferrari in the near future. Since the European Council has proposed restricting fleet averages for CO2 levels to 130g/km by 2012, small automakers who specialize like Ferrari could have serious issues meeting these demands.

And, of course, being Ferrari, they cannot compromise on performance even a little bit. They are who they are and that can't change that. So, they need to find ways of keeping performance up while cutting emissions down. They have stated they won't run on biofuel or diesel, which means they could look into hybrid technology, direct injection and/or brake-energy regeneration to even themselves out.

Lexus and Honda have both built 'performance' hybrids, and Toyota may follow up on their concept FT-HS hybrid sports car. So, a hybrid sports car is certainly feasible.

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