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Hybrid Car Review: Chevy Volt Videos

Friday, July 20, 2007

Chevy Volt Videos

Take a look at the Chevy Volt Plug-in Vehicle. Introduced this past year as a electric car that is assisted by its gas engine (most hybrids are thought of as the electric motor assisting the gas engine), the Volt is GM's answer to the future of hybrids.

It is capable of running for 40 miles on electric power on the charge you got overnight from the plug. The gas engine will kick in after 40 miles (in theory) which will recharge the battery.

GM is hoping to showboat the Volt in D.C. in order to convince legislators that stricter CAFE standards are not needed or wanted (I'm not sure I follow their argument, do you?).

The video below gives you more information from on the Volt.

Everytime you see the Volt, you will also hear the warning about how the batteries aren't ready. But, GM keeps saying they want to move ahead with this vehicle and have put together a team to make it happen.

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