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Hybrid Car Review: What's Wrong With People

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's Wrong With People

Why do people do such stupid things? Attacking another man's property to make a political statement just puts yourself in a bad position.

Two men were seen smashing a hummer at 3:30 in the morning in the D.C. area. The next morning, the owner found "For the Enviro" scratched into the side of the vehicle.

Police said they see small acts of vandalism in the area from time to time, but they have not seen anything so severe, or with such a clear political message, in recent years.

There are so many other ways to get your point across. Start a blog. Join a political group. Vote for the candidate that supports your position. Hang flyers.

Active violence against other people is so wrong. This poor guy saved his money up, bought the hummer to support his business and had it vandalized just a few weeks later.

What if someone had destroyed a hybrid to make their point about the 'smugness' of hybrid owners. Would that be seen as a legitimate political statement?

Source: Hummer Owner Gets Angry Message - washingtonpost.com

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