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Hybrid Car Review: Nissan to Install Fuel Economy Meters on All Cars

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nissan to Install Fuel Economy Meters on All Cars

Nissan is looking to inform drivers about their fuel consumption by installing gauges on all of their new cars. A meter will tell the driver how much fuel is being used every time you step on the gas pedal.

Nissan estimates fuel economy could increase by 10%.

In my own experience, I know this would be helpful for me, but it's not for everybody. I once rented a car that gave instant feedback on fuel economy as well as your overall average. When I got the car, the average mpg reading was 16. Seeing that number made me a little depressed as I started wondering how much I was going to have to spend on fuel that week. But by the time I turned it in, I had the average up over 25 mpg.

Based on the initial reading, I was surprised by what the car could do. But the lasting lesson I got was even instant feedback on your fuel consumption in this high gas price era is not good enough to change some drivers.

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