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Hybrid Car Review: Ferndale Keeps Free Parking for Hybrids

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ferndale Keeps Free Parking for Hybrids

Ferndale will continue its discounted parking policy, despite the limited response. Only 21 people have signed up for the discount in the past year, but city council member Craig Covey, who initiated the policy, believes it has been a success.

"It wasn't a large number but we opted to continue the ordinance. One of our main goals was to get people thinking about mileage and the wasting of resources. We accomplished that," Covey said.

I don't know how large the population is, or how many people park in the city often enough to make the $8 fee (for locals, $25 for out-of-town), to say how well they are reaching their target audience. But if we assume that 2% of that population has a qualifying vehicle, then they may be doing a great job of targeting their audience.

Ferndale has plans to update their list of qualifying vehicles based on the information from www.fueleconomy.gov.

Source: Ferndale hybrid discount renewed

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