Honda Ramps Up Production of Their Hybrids ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Honda Ramps Up Production of Their Hybrids

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda Ramps Up Production of Their Hybrids

Honda is ramping up its hybrid car plans for the next few years. They want to start mass producing their hybrid cars in an effort to sell hybrid cars in big volumes starting in 2010. They are targeting hybrids to become 10% of their annual sales or about 5 times their current levels.

In order to achieve that ambitious goal, Honda is looking to move a new hybrid based on their CR-Z hybrid (Compact Renaissance Zero) concept car into production. "This stylish coupe will join Honda's forthcoming 'global hybrid' family car, which is due to launch in 2009."

Honda's other new dedicated 'family' hybrid will start in 2009, targeting 200,000 units a year. Honda is looking to put a hybrid powertrain into their smaller vehicles, while turning their larger cars into diesels. For instance, the Accord hybrid is being retired and being replaced by a diesel next year.

Honda has had mixed success in their hybrid car production so far. The Insight, a low production two seater, was also retired leaving just the Honda Civic Hybrid. Combined hybrid sales of their vehicles have placed them firmly in second place, but it's a distant second place to the wildly successful hybrids from Toyota.

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