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Hybrid Car Review: Opel Astra Hybrid Car in the Works

Monday, October 01, 2007

Opel Astra Hybrid Car in the Works

Even as the new Astra starts to arrive in the U.S., there are plans underway on the next generation, which may be a hybrid.

“We are working on a hybrid version of the next Astra,” a General Motors development engineer told Automobilwoche.

Saturn spokesman Steve Janisse said GM will not discuss the next-generation Astra. "It's fair to say that hybrids and the Saturn brand make a lot of sense, but we'll see how this one plays out first before we discuss the future," Janisse said.

Although Saturn won't discuss the possibility this far out, it certainly wouldn't be surprising for Saturn to get another new hybrid, given GMs use of the Saturn brand, so far. The Vue has gotten a mild hybrid engine, is about to get the new dual mode hybrid engine, and there are plans laid out for the Vue to get the plug-in hybrid engine in the future.

Saab may also get an entry level Saab hybrid, although the next generation of the Astra (and Saab compact) is not expected until 2010.

Source:GM plans Astra hybrid - Automotive News (suscription req'd)

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