Ford Gives More to Those Who Lost in California Wildfires ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Ford Gives More to Those Who Lost in California Wildfires

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ford Gives More to Those Who Lost in California Wildfires

Ford wants to offer the employee A-Plan discount to those people who lost vehicles in the recent wildfires located in Southern Calfornia. Ford will also be offering the discount to the firefighters of the state of California, as there way of saying "thank you." The discount applies to any 2007 or 2008 Ford, Mercury or Lincoln car, truck, CUV or SUV (excluding the Mustang Shelby GT 500). It will only be available from Nov 1 - 30.

Most of the major auto companies have made at least some donations to help out those stricken by the fires. It's good to see Ford is looking to help out in the long run, as well.

To claim the discount, those with a vehicle loss are invited to see their Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer with information concerning their vehicle loss from one of the following sources, indicating that their present vehicle was lost as a result of the fires:

  • Insurance or FEMA claim form or
  • Copy of police report
  • California firefighters can simply show a valid/current badge and/or department ID card from a California-based fire department OR current California State Firefighters Association ID card, and state or Federal ID showing residency in the state of California at the time of purchase.
  • Customers eligible for this program also are eligible for other incentive programs offered to the general public in California.

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