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Hybrid Car Review: Chevy Mailbu Hybrid to be Available in Only 11 States

Monday, December 10, 2007

Chevy Mailbu Hybrid to be Available in Only 11 States

Chevy Malibu HybridThe Chevy Malibu Hybrid will go on sale next month in just 11 states. With limited numbers available, Chevy wants them to go where they are most likely to sell: the Northeast and the West Coast, with none in the Southeast, Deep South or Midwest. Nationwide sales may not occur until next fall.

"There is a limited number (of hybrids), we don’t want them in low-volume dealerships where they will sit for a long time," said Jim Brown, Malibu product manager. (Source: autonews)
But that may not be the whole reason. Note the following areas are being targeted:
Washington D.C. will be first, followed by (in no particular order):
  • New York;
  • Philadelphia;
  • Boston;
  • Baltimore;
  • Seattle;
  • San Francisco;
  • San Diego;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Sacramento, Calif.; and
  • Portland, Ore.
These areas are highly visible and are more likely to cause a 'buzz' in the news or political media.

The 2008 Malibu Hybrid has an MSRP of $22,790, or about $1,800 more than the more conventional Malibu. With a possible $1,300 tax credit, some people may opt for the hybrid even though you only improve your fuel economy by 2 mpg.

One other side note, the Malibu will be available in 11 states, 3 more than the Nissan Altima Hybrid.

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