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Hybrid Car Review: In Denver? Want a Used Hybrid?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Denver? Want a Used Hybrid?

Denver will be auctioning off 24 of its 2001 Toyota Prius hybrids on January 23 and February 6. They are still under an eight year warranty and have under 100,000 miles.

"We optimize our money if we sell them now before their warranties expire," Ernie Ivey, the city's fleet manager, said. "We bought them six years ago for about $20,500 each, then got a $3,900 rebate from the state. Their residual (sale) value is around $11,000."
Denver now has 110 hybrids in its fleet, including Prius, Camry Hybrids, and Ford Escape Hybrids.

Officials have been receiving multiple calls from taxicab fleets about the auction.
Persons interested in the auction can go to the website or call Deutmeyer at (720) 913-8247.
Source: The Denver Post - Denver to auction off its hybrid cars

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