Fisker May Build the Karma in Detroit ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Fisker May Build the Karma in Detroit

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fisker May Build the Karma in Detroit

Fisker announced the Karma plug-in hybrid four door sedan at the Auto Show in Detroit recently. And now Karma may be looking to produce their plug-in hybrid in Detroit.

According to Vic Doolan, Fisker's director of retail development, Michigan has unused production capacity and an experienced workforce.

The supply network is also in place for automotive parts.

The Karma Hybrid is competing to be one of the first of it's kind in the U.S., a production plug-in hybrid capable of 50 miles on all electric power, followed by a mix of gas and electric power.

Some estimate a majority of Americans would never need to use the gas in their normal commute.

Fisker hopes to get a Karma plug-in hybrid on the road by the end of 2009, beginning of 2010. If they do it, they may beat the likes of Toyota and GM, who hope to have production plug-ins on the road by 2010. Meanwhile Chinese automaker BYD Auto is also promising a plug-in hybrid.

The Karma already has an estimated price tag of $80,000.

Fisker is located in Irvine, California.

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