Police Reject Hybrid For Being Too Small ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Police Reject Hybrid For Being Too Small

Friday, February 29, 2008

Police Reject Hybrid For Being Too Small

Athens, Ohio police, although they were asked to consider buying a hybrid Ford Escape, rejected the hopes and wishes of the council. The Police Capt, after doing his own research, decided the unmarked police vehicle would not be capable of fulfilling the duties required. Specifically, the Escape Hybrid does not have an open bed, limiting its ability to carry large items of evidence.

Police Captain Gosney also believes the SUV hybrid would only travel around 8,000 miles a year, not enough to make up the difference in cost for his choice in vehicles. Gosney believes a better choice would be the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, which costs $5,000 less than the Escape Hybrid.

The Councilor who is pushing for the hybrid SUV feels they could break even in just two years if they drive 14,000 miles a year.

Which makes me wonder about the A-BAT concept from Toyota. It may be too small for what the police dept want it for, but it might be a better choice. GM is also coming out with a couple of hybrid trucks that may be the right size.

More options will create more opportunities for hybrids to succeed.

Source: Police find hybrid vehicle plan unacceptable

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