Israel Hybrid Car Sales Keep Increasing ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Israel Hybrid Car Sales Keep Increasing

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Israel Hybrid Car Sales Keep Increasing

Flag of IsraelAccording to a news report, the Air Quality Division of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Israel is reporting hybrid car sales have increased over 300% in the past year.

Sales increased from 496 to 1,731 in 2007. In total, 2,870 hybrid cars have been sold in Israel through February 2008.

Part of the appeal is a new tax reduction on the hybrid cars being offered by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Finance. Increasing fuel costs are also driving owners to buy more fuel efficient cars.

The Environmental Protection Minister has asked and received word that the car companies will be increasing imports of hybrid cars into the country. The Minister is also calling on the Taxi Drivers Association to begin switching to hybrid cars, as well.

It is estimated that the use of hybrid cars already purchased in Israel reduces some 3800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year, some 1500 kilograms of nitrogen oxides, some 1400 kg of hydrocarbons and some 6,200 kg of carbon monoxides compared to a similar number of gasoline vehicles.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder how much of my US tax dollars got to their hybrid tax breaks...

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me how much the tax incentive is on a Prius ? Toda, m.

Unknown said...

In Israel, the taxes on hybrid cars have been reduced to 30%. I believe new cars are taxed at 100%, so that's quite a reduction on hybrids.

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