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Hybrid Car Review: Why do Taxi Drivers Love Hybrid Cars? Let Me Count the Dollars

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why do Taxi Drivers Love Hybrid Cars? Let Me Count the Dollars

As more and more cities and towns turn to hybrid vehicles as solutions for their emissions issues, it's time once again to review why the drivers of the hybrid taxis love them so much.

According to one story, it all comes down to money. Not only are the gas savings terrific, but so are the maintenance costs.

"I used to have a Grand Marquis. My Camry Hybrid gets double the mileage. I'm saving $25 to $30 a day in fuel costs."

The brake pads used to be changed every three months or 40,000 km (The story is from Canada). Now, he only has to change it every 300,000 km because the regenerative braking system takes up a lot of the wear and tear the pads used to have. Each replacement costs $300.

Since the hybrid does not have an alternator (usually replaced once a year for $300), that cost is eliminated.

Oil changes occur every 8,000 km, not every 5,000 km.

The end result: "The Grand Marquis cost me $300 a month in repairs and maintenance. The Camry Hybrid is less than $100. And that's in addition to the gas savings."

The cost savings for the taxi driver is obvious. The PR advantage for the owner is also obvious, but the initial outlay on the vehicle is not an easy pill to swallow. That's why it was so important for Bloomberg to get the financial institutions to step up and help with low interest loans when he decided to change the rules for limo drivers in NYC.

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Unknown said...

And not just taxi drivers, but anyone who drives a lot would benefit for the same reasons. All the trends point towards EVs becoming more popular. UPS just bought several EVs from Zap World.

Anonymous said...

We have inexpensive ($600/kw) Lithium-Ion battery pack available. It fits into plugin conversion kits. Here is the listing on ebay.


It would bring cost of the conversion kits to $3500

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