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Hybrid Car Review: Tesla vs Fisker, Fisker vs Tesla

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tesla vs Fisker, Fisker vs Tesla

At the end of the day, neither company will win when Tesla vs Fisker plays out in the courts. But it's going to happen anyways.

Tesla claimed in their lawsuit Fisker "used fraud and deceit to gain access to and exploit Tesla's highly confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets in order to develop a competing electric-hybrid sports sedan."

Fisker Automotive responded via press release to the lawsuit by Tesla saying they stole company secrets, and provided substandard design when putting together the styling of the Tesla White Star.

Tesla noted they had to reject the $800,000 design provided by Fisker.

"It caused a slight delay in White Star because we could not use the Fisker styling," Tesla Chairman Elon Musk told The New York Times. "The styling was substandard compared to what he unveiled for his product. He gave us an inferior work product, and it's obvious why."

Both cars are plug-in hybrids and will compete for customers when they arrive in the next couple of years.

Fisker fired back saying the Karma's powertrain was developed by Quantum Technologies and didn't use Tesla technology.

Source: Green Car Advisor - Fisker Denies Tesla Allegations of Stealing Secrets

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