AT&T Increases Alternative Fuel Fleet ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: AT&T Increases Alternative Fuel Fleet

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AT&T Increases Alternative Fuel Fleet

AT&T is adding 105 alternative fuel vehicles to their fleet, including 80 hybrids beginning in June. AT&T is hoping to reduce their impact on the environment and its dependence on imported oil by switching to alternative technologies.

The technologies being evaluated are the aforementioned hybrids and 25 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vans. The hybrid vehicles will include 65 electric hybrid Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicles -- Ford Escapes and Toyota Priuses -- and 15 electric hybrid conversion work trucks.

AT&T will evaluate each type of vehicle on its fuel efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, performance and driver satisfaction of each vehicle.

"Reducing our fleet's petroleum fuel consumption and operating costs is a top priority," said Jerome Webber, vice president of Fleet Operations, AT&T Services Inc. "Even the smallest improvement in fuel use, when applied across our corporate fleet, can make a significant impact for the environment and for our business. That's why we're committed to identifying smart ways to improve the efficiency of our fleet and to exploring advancement with alternative-fuel technologies."

AT&T had started using four Ford Escape Hybrids in 2007. They estimate that use of these vehicles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 124 metric tons and conserve nearly 34,395 gallons of fuel annually.

The CNG vans are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30 percent compared with traditional gasoline vans. The electric hybrid OEM vehicles are expected to offer a 39 percent improvement in fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent. The electric hybrid conversion work trucks are expected to offer a 38 percent improvement in fuel economy compared with similar gasoline-powered vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent.

AT&T has implemented a few other measures to increase cost savings and fuel efficiency in their fleet of vehicles. They include the use of a Daily Best Fuel Price tool, which allows drivers to check the cheapest fuel stations within their assigned route, and the planned implementation of an idling-reduction policy.

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