Senate Bill Would Override EPA Denial of California ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Senate Bill Would Override EPA Denial of California

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senate Bill Would Override EPA Denial of California

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved a bill which would allow California et al to begin regulating tailpipe emissions (in other words, set mpg standards) by 2016 despite being denied a waiver by the EPA. The vote to pass (10-9) was split along party lines with the Democrats winning the battle, although one Senator from each side defected.

It's unlikely this bill will go any farther, and even if it did, Bush would be unlikely to sign it into law and embarress the EPA.

Despite the many quotes on the matter, there are no new arguments being presented. The automakers oppose the bill because California wants to set higher limits than the federal government. They don't want to meet a state-by-state rules.

A similar bill in the House hasn't even made it past scheduling a hearing, yet.

But, the House did pass a bill extending tax breaks for plug-in hybrids. Up to $3,000 per vehicle customer tax credit was included. Although such a proposal was part of the Energy Bill, it was stripped out last time around.

Source: Senate committee OKs tailpipe bill

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