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Hybrid Car Review: German Man Protests High Gas Prices by Burning Car

Friday, June 27, 2008

German Man Protests High Gas Prices by Burning Car

There are so many things in this little article I feel I have to comment on. But first, the story: German man torches car to protest high gas prices - Yahoo! News.  Go ahead, go read it, then come back.

A German man goes to a public place, sets fire to his BMW, burns it to the ground, and the police need to investigate whether he committed a crime?

The man was unemployed.  If he was employed, would he have done the same thing?  Not likely.

Gas is now sitting at $9.40 per gallon in Germany. At that price, how many burnt out cars would you see in the US? Admittedly, they would probably get burnt in some insurance scam, rather that in protest...

There are some who think we'll hit $5 a gallon in the US by the end of the summer. As gas prices continue to climb, hybrids begin to look better and better. Although, even at $6 a gallon, they won't be the cheapest car to own, at $9 I'd bet they are.

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