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Hybrid Car Review: Police Deparmtments Are Beginning to Rethink Hybrid Cars

Monday, July 28, 2008

Police Deparmtments Are Beginning to Rethink Hybrid Cars

More and more police departments are opting for hybrid cars to replace their cruisers.  Although many police departments still worry about power output, more are opting for fuel efficiency as high gas prices are impacting state and local budgets.

In the past, when confronted by the possibility of buying hybrid cars, most police departments have reacted with some valid questions.  Will a hybrid produce enough power if we need to chase someone down? What about the battery pack, will we have room for our equipment?  And what about the pricetag?  Not everyone can win a hybrid SUV for their department.

High gas prices are pushing them to rethink what's best, though.  And, local and state officials are beginning to realize there's more choices out there when you're considering a hybrid car.  Yes, a Prius that gets over 100 mpg makes news, but nobody said you had to buy a Prius.

And if Ford can make a hybrid fit for beach duty, maybe they can make one fit for police duty.

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