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Hybrid Car Review: Lexus HS250h - the New Dedicated Hybrid From Lexus

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lexus HS250h - the New Dedicated Hybrid From Lexus

All of the following is based on rumor and a magazine article from Japan. Toyota has said they will be producing a dedicated hybrid for Lexus, but it's unknown at this point what the name of the new vehicle will be, how much it will cost and what it will look like.

According to Japan's Mag-X (via Motorauthority and VWvortex Forums, the new dedicated hybrid from Lexus will look a lot like the Prius.

If the magazine is correct, the HS 250h will be the first dedicated hybrid from Lexus and will be available in 2010 for the US and 2011 in Japan. The powertrain will be based on the one found in the Toyota Camry Hybrid. It will also be positioned over the current IS sedan, and will be the most affordable Lexus. It will be roomy sedan, classified in the midsize 'D-segment'.

The dedicated Lexus Hybrid will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show along with the third generation Prius.

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