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Hybrid Car Review: Re-Charge Your Battery in 20 Minutes

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Re-Charge Your Battery in 20 Minutes

Ener1 and Kyushu Electric have signed a a memorandum of understanding to work together on creating a rapid recharging systems for the next generation of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. (source: press release found via GreenCarCongress) The system is target to re-charge lithium-ion batteries up to 80% of capacity in less than 20 minutes.

Currently, reported re-charging times are 6-8 hours through common house-hold plugs.

The companies are targeting the first integrated systems for March, 2009. They are hoping the relationship will accelerate the development of charging systems to match the 'anticipated growth' in electric vehicles.

Ener1 and KEPCO will work together to create and manufacture rapid recharging systems for electric vehicles. KEPCO has already developed one of the most advanced rapid charging stands and plans to customize that solution with the EnerDel High Energy Pack System. KEPCO's next-generation electric vehicle rapid charging station has exhibited one of the highest levels of performance for rapid charging in Japan.

"Drivers need to know they can recharge an electric car as easily as they fill the tank in today's conventional vehicles," said Ener1 Chairman and CEO Charles Gassenheimer. "The batteries are here. What we need is the infrastructure to charge them quickly. We have often suggested that the customer for electric drive is not just the auto manufacturers, but also the integrated power and utility companies. Together with ITOCHU Corporation, we are privileged to work with such prestigious partners on this important project. The opportunity underscores Ener1's strategy to be a total systems and solutions provider in pioneering the electrification of the automobile."

"We are excited to be working with Ener1, which we consider to be an early leader in the development of this industry," said Toshiro Noguchi, General Manager of the Research Laboratory at KEPCO. "We believe that Ener1's state of the art technology is now ready for rapid adoption and are excited to be partnering with them at this critical time."

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