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Hybrid Car Review: Saturn Vue Hybrid Delayed

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturn Vue Hybrid Delayed

GM is delaying the launch of their new two-mode hybrid Saturn Vue. Built using the same technology as their other two-mode hybrids (Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade), the Vue hybrid launch is being pushed back into 2009.

It was originally scheduled to begin deliveries in December, 2008. Now it will start appearing in dealerships in 2009.  The Vue was rumored to be delayed earlier this month, but now Saturn has confirmed it.

"It will help save some costs, and it dominoes down the line," says Saturn spokesman Steve Janisse.

In addition to postponing costs for distribution to dealers and marketing, Janisse says, "We can put off the expense of dealer training, and the dealers can put off buying special equipment to service the vehicle. It helps everybody right now."
So, they are pushing off the costs from this quarter into next.  This sort of cost cutting is not affecting the development of the Chevy Volt, so far, but apparently every little bit helps GM push off their own bankruptcy.

The Vue has been the test-bed for all things hybrid and GM.  It has been a mild hybrid (once called the GreenLine), will be a full hybrid when it goes on sale in 2009, and GM also plans on delivering a plug-in version.

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