DOE Hands Out $14 Million in Grants ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: DOE Hands Out $14 Million in Grants

Monday, December 08, 2008

DOE Hands Out $14 Million in Grants

Ford and GM may be mud over in Congress, but their standing at the DOE hasn't missed a beat. Over the next three years, the DOE will give $14.55 million, with just under half of the money to go to Ford and GM.

The rest of the money is being spread out to four other companies to research, develop and demonstration of advanced vehicle technologies. The money will be handed out over the next three years depending on appropriation each year.

Ford and GM both received grant money ($6.5 million) to develop thermoelectric HVAC systems. The systems involve solid-state devices to cool or heat the occupants without heating the compartment (think seat heaters). Thermoelectric HVAC systems are necessary for electric or even hybrid/plug-in hybrid cars that rely on battery power more than gas power. Ford will be working with the DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory to develop their system.

$6.85 million will be invested in lithium-ion battery materials and manufacturing. The three projects being funded included and industrial process for the production of low-cost positive electrodes, or cathodes, by BASF Catalyst LLC. FMC Corporation is receiving funding to scale up its production of stabilized lithium metal powders, which is used to produce cathodes.

3M Company is being given support to develop advanced materials for negative electrodes, or anodes.

Navistar International Corporation rounds out the recipients by receiving funding to design, demonstrate, and bring to market a tractor-trailer combination and tire package that can reduce the fuel consumption of a heavy-duty vehicle by at least 15%. Navistar will include DOE's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on its team.

Private funding will run the total up to $29.3 million to be invested in the projects.

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