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Hybrid Car Review: Honda Says Don't Expect Insight MPG Numbers From the Insight

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Honda Says Don't Expect Insight MPG Numbers From the Insight

Honda, realizing they needed something to fight back against the Prius reputation if they were going to be recognized as the most fuel efficient car company, decided to build a dedicated hybrid, similar in size to the Prius. After retiring the Insight a couple years before, they didn't have any other dedicated hybrids on the road and wanted some of that back.

So they decided to build the (new) Insight. But what they don't want is for people to get confused and expect the same fuel economy they saw in the two-seater Insight they had retired.

Well then, why did they call it the Insight?

That's a little bit of sarcasm on my part, but the truth is they should have come up with a different name for the new Insight. It would have avoided any of this and made my life easier as every time I talk about the Honda Insight now, I have to be careful about which one I'm talking about.

Anyways, to get back on track, Honda wants you to know the new Insight won't get the same fuel economy numbers as the old one for many obvious reasons. These include comparing a two-seater vs. a five-seater and the new MPG guidelines from the EPA.

The price is going to be a lot different, too. At under $20,000, the new Insight is going to be the cheapest hybrid car to buy. If they get decent mpg numbers, the new Insight may make a run at the Prius, especially with the fun toys inside.

Hopefully the fact Honda is bringing up the MPG numbers at all means they're getting closer to finding out what those numbers are going to be.

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