Hybrid Car Sales, November 2008 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Car Sales, November 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hybrid Car Sales, November 2008

Hybrid car sales are suffering under the current economic climate.  Sales were down over 50% from last year.  The total number is somwhere in the range of hybrid car sales from 2005.

Some of that is due to last November being one of the best sales months for hybrids and some of it is due to the lowering of gas prices.  But most of it is due, I believe, to the current economic climate.  I spoke just the other day about why I believe Prius sales were down this month, but I would like to point out a few things.

Hybrid cars cost more than their counterparts to purchase.  They are long term decision, and it can take years for the payoff to become noticeable.  With their high purchase price, hybrids are being deemed a luxury right now.  A luxury that, like most cars, are being put off until the economy recovers.

There were no bright spots in the sales numbers this month.  Although the Prius outsold all of the other hybrid vehicles combined, Ford may be the happiest, since their sales were only down by 39%.

Sales numbers for the year are still ok, but it's not looking like next year will be better.  Honda is still up 3% for the year with their Civic Hybrid, and Nissan is also up 9%.   But the Nissan numbers are a little deceiving since the Altima Hybrid began sales in February of last year.

Only two other notes.  The beginning of reported sales from Chrysler was not exactly auspicious with only 35 Aspen and Durango Hybrids sold.  But that's OK since the Aspen and Durango have already been retired this coming month.  The Vue Hybrid sales (not reported) accounted for almost 10% of all Vue sales.  Perhaps that's a good indication that mild hybrids are worth the extra money to some?

Make Model Nov-07 Nov-08 % Change
Honda Accord 204 0 -100%
Honda Civic 3,238 1,043 -68%
Honda Insight 0 0 -
Toyota Prius 16,737 8,660 -48%
Toyota Highlander 2,577 907 -65%
Toyota Camry 5,118 2,174 -58%
Toyota GS 450h 100 42 -58%
Toyota RX 400h 1,674 624 -63%
Toyota LS600hL 170 37 -78%
Ford Escape/Mariner 2,224 1,361 -39%
Nissan Altima 1,191 353 -70%
GM Yukon/Tahoe/Escalade 0 767 -
Chrysler Aspen/Durango 0 35 -
Total 33,233 15,968 -52%
Make Model Cumulative, 2007 Cumulative, 2008 % Change
Honda Accord 3,255 197 -94%
Honda Civic 29,352 30,261 3%
Honda Insight 3 0 -100%
Toyota Prius 167,009 151,027 -10%
Toyota Highlander 19,261 18,501 -4%
Toyota Camry 49,508 44,384 -10%
Toyota GS 450h 1,776 627 -65%
Toyota RX 400h 15,259 13,737 -10%
Toyota LS600hL 808 930 15%
Ford Escape/Mariner 22,843 18,373 -20%
Nissan Altima 7,424 8,109 9%
GM Yukon/Tahoe/Escalade 0 4,948 -
Chrysler Aspen/Durango 0 35 -
Total 316,498 291,129 -8%

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get this evidence?? It is very good information, but I cannot use a blog. It would help me a lot.
~PF Debater

Unknown said...

I get most of the information from the press releases at the companies. Other information comes from sales databases maintained by companies like automotive news.

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