2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Monday, January 12, 2009

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The mid term refresh of the Toyota Camry and Toyota Camry Hybrid was displayed for the first time at the Detroit Auto Show, but its unveiling has certainly been overpowered by the 2010 Honda Insight, Lexus HS 250h, and the next generation 2010 Toyota Prius.

But it's still significant in and of itself. The 2010 Camry is scheduled to go on sale in March and has some changes you should know about.

The Camry Hybrid has a unique hybrid grille, a distinct front bumper, a wider lower intake, restyled fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels. All of which is designed to give the Hybrid a distinctive look from the gas-only powered Camry. It also helps with the aerodynamics.

The Hybrid Synergy Drive in the 2010 Camry has been rated as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV), which means it produces over 70 percent less smog-forming emissions than the average new car.

Camry Hybrid adds a newly designed meter cluster and Fraichir, a combination of silk protein and synthetic fiber, cloth seating surfaces that are gentle to the skin.

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Anonymous said...

Toyota will soon become the leader in the auto industry, from experience, they produce the most durabale and reliable cars and will continue to do so despite the competition from the big 3.

Anonymous said...

So, they're not the leader yet?

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