HOV Exemption Back Up for Review in Virginia Again ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: HOV Exemption Back Up for Review in Virginia Again

Monday, January 26, 2009

HOV Exemption Back Up for Review in Virginia Again

Virginia gives hybrid owners an HOV exemption for traveling as a single driver in the high occupancy lanes, but the original bill lapsed many years ago.  Since that time, the exemption has come up for review and once again, their are three bills up for extending the dates on the exemption.

The current exemption lasts until July 1, 2009, but there are three bills up for review in the Committee on Transportation.
Fredericksburg.com - Bills would give another year of HOV exemption for hybrids

Vehicles with special fuel license plates that were registered in Virginia before July 1, 2006, are allowed to use High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on Interstate 95/395 at rush hour, regardless of the number of occupants.

House Bills 1932, 2299, 2476 would extend the exemption's "sunset" to 2010.
Get ready to hear from critics on how hybrids fill the lanes meant for car poolers. And get ready to hear from those who approve of the measure to point out it's the law-breakers who cause the real traffic issues.

I'd be surprised to hear any new arguments this year.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll be the first. I've been driving my hybrid daily in the I95/395 HOV lanes (bewtween Woodbridge and DC) since I first purchased my 2003 Honda Civic hybrid. That 20 miles routinely takes no more than 20 minutes to drive. Some days it's faster - and rarely slower. As opposed to congestion and slow traffic - the biggest fear that ANY HOV lane user should worry about would be the VA State Police putting speed traps or camera's on those lanes. Now that would cause a slow down!

Mannerist said...

Until hybrids are priced competitively with other cars, people need still additional incentives to buy them. The HOV exemption serves that purpose. Besides, if the exemption is lifted, where will the hybrids go? Into the regular traffic lanes. Failing to extend the HOV lane exemption beyond 2010 will not only be seen as anti-hybrid and therefore anti-environment, but will adversely affect the majority of commuters.

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