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Hybrid Car Review: List of Hybrid Cars

Thursday, February 26, 2009

List of Hybrid Cars

With more hybrid cars coming out every year, I thought it would be helpful to update the list of hybrid cars along with some of their basic information.  If you want to see their fuel efficiency, you can take a look at the list of most fuel efficient vehicles I put together.

Make Model Class Status Full/ Mild Hybrid System Year Introduced
Cadillac Escalade SUV Current Full Two-Mode 2008
Chevy Malibu Car Current Mild BAS 2008
Chevy Silverado Truck Retired Mild BAS 2005
Chevy Silverado Truck Current Full Two-Mode 2008
Chevy Tahoe SUV Current Full Two-Mode 2008
Chrysler Aspen SUV Retired Full Two-Mode 2008
Dodge Durango SUV Retired Full Two-Mode 2008
Ford Escape SUV Current Full Ford Hybrid System 2004
Ford Fusion Car Future Full Ford Hybrid System 2009
GMC Sierra Truck Retired Mild BAS 2005
GMC Yukon SUV Current Full Two-Mode 2008
Honda Accord Car Retired Full IMA 2004
Honda Civic Car Current Full IMA 2002
Honda Insight Car Retired Full IMA 1999
Honda Insight Car Current Full IMA 2009
Lexus 600h l Car Current Full HSD 2007
Lexus GS 450h Car Current Full HSD 2006
Lexus RX 400h SUV Current Full HSD 2005
Mazda Tribute SUV Current Full Ford Hybrid System 2007
Mercury Mariner SUV Current Full Ford Hybrid System 2005
Mercury Milan Car Future Full Ford Hybrid System 2009
Nissan Altima Car Current Full HSD 2007
Saturn Aura Car Current Mild BAS 2007
Saturn Vue SUV Current Mild BAS 2006
Toyota Camry Car Current Full HSD 2006
Toyota Highlander SUV Current Full HSD 2005
Toyota Prius Car Current Full HSD 1997 in Japan/
2000 in US

Full vs Mild Hybrids
While there is more to it than this, what it comes down to is mild hybrids are incapable of moving the vehicle with their electric powertrain alone. The electric motor is their to 'assist' the internal combustion engine (ICE). The advantage to being a mild hybrid is cost, simplicity, and smaller battery size. The disadvantage is lower fuel efficiency.

Hybrid Systems
Toyota has their Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) system in place in their hybrid cars, while Honda has their Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). Ford has their own hybrid system, which is similar to Toyota. GM has the Belt Alternator Starter (BAS) installed into their mild hybrid vehicles. GM and Chrysler use the two-mode hybrid system for their full hybrids they co-developed with BMW.

Current vs Retired
Several hybrid cars have already come and gone, usually because of low sales volume. The mild hybrid trucks from GM and the Honda Accord and Insight have all been retired. The Accord Hybrid was designed to increase performance, rather than emphasizing fuel economy, which resulted in poor sales. The two-seat Insight just never took off with it's lack of utility, despite being the most fuel efficient hybrid built to this day. Chrysler retired their two-mode hybrid SUVs after just two months of production in the context of the economy meltdown and lackluster interest/sales.

The hybrid trucks from GM are making a come-back as full hybrids using the two-mode system, while Honda has begun selling the new Insight as a 'cheaper' hybrid.

The Future of Hybrid Cars Through 2009
On the day I created this list of hybrid cars, the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids are not up for sale, yet.  But they are due out in just a short time.

Other major hybrid cars due out in 2009 include the Fisker Karma, Mercedes-Benz S-Class (mild), Porsche Cayenne, and the Saturn Vue Green Line as a two-mode full hybrid. But the dates on these vehicles have been more fluid, so I think I'll leave them off until later.

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