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Hybrid Car Review: Insight is Tops in Europe

Friday, June 19, 2009

Insight is Tops in Europe

Honda announced they have sold more Insights than any other hybrid in Europe. The Insight was the top selling hybrid in Japan back in April, before being topped by the new generation Prius. But once again, in the first month of sales, the Insight has proven to be very popular.

The question of course, is will it last? Or will the Prius be able to command attention once again. Also, the other point to consider is how well the Insight and Prius are doing outside of the US, but sales haven't been as considerable here.

Part of that is the acceptance of smaller vehicles in general in Europe and Japan. Another is the way the Japanese government is pushing hybrids.

We still have to see how well the new Prius will do in the US, but Honda has already admitted they won't be making their sales goal here.

The sales figures in Europe were obtained from Jato Dynamics. They showed the Insight was tops in its sector, the hybrid and alternative fuels. In Europe, the alternative fuels sector contains any passenger car not powered by petrol or diesel.

The Civic Hybrid was third on the charts.

Honda Motor Europe, Senior Vice President, Ken Keir is delighted that the Insight has been so well received, commenting: "We introduced Europe to hybrids almost 10 years ago when we put the original Insight on sale. The Insight was the first hybrid to be sold in Europe and this sector is set to continue to expand and diversify."

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