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Hybrid Car Review: John McCain Opts For Ford Fusion Hybrid

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John McCain Opts For Ford Fusion Hybrid

So, even John McCain is opting for a Ford Fusion Hybrid.  That's more good news for Ford, as the press has already jumped onto the news

Of course, it's hard to ignore given how McCain announced it via Twitter.

Ford has to love how they are the choice for all politicians who want the US  public to know they drive a hybrid made from an American car company.

Like when Obama talked about his Ford Hybrid Escape ("By the way, I just want to mention, I think I still have my Ford parked in Chicago," Obama said. "It's a Ford hybrid, it runs great, you guys should take a look.").

Makes me wonder if the same thing will happen this time next year.  Will we be hearing from Obama et. al. on how they are opting for the Chevy Volt?  Or if GM is still owned by the government, will that be seen as a no-no?  I wonder if the pollsters are already talking to people about that one?

I'm betting the Republicans won't be buying from Chevy (GM) anytime soon, but the Democrats probably will.

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