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Hybrid Car Review: Prius Sales Top 180,000 Sales in Japan

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prius Sales Top 180,000 Sales in Japan

The Toyota Prius has had 180,000 pre-sales in Japan over the past few months. In comparision, Toyota has sold under 43,000 units from January to May this year in the US. The release of the next generation Prius, coupled with government incentives, has sent demand for the Toyota hybrid skyrocketing. (Source: Toyota gets 180,000 orders for new Prius hybrid)

Prius sales in the US have dropped in anticipation of the new generation being released this month. Add in lower gas prices and the recession and sales have been down 30-60% over the past months in the US. But that's no longer so in Japan.

Toyota had set a goal of 10,000 sales a month in Japan. At that rate, it's going to take them a year and a half just catch up.

Incentives in Japan include tax free sales plus a 'cash for clunkers program.'  Overall sales in Japan are still slumping, down 19% from last year, even though hybrid sales have been very high.  The Insight was the number one seller in Japan in April, while the Prius captured the top spot in May (and will continue to stay on top if these pre-sale orders are correct and as long as Toyota can keep producing them).  Toyota may just end up building the Prius here in the US just to free up production in Japan.

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