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Hybrid Car Review: Another $2 Billion for Cash For Clunkers?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Another $2 Billion for Cash For Clunkers?

Democrats are looking to add $2 billion to the Cash for Clunkers Bill.  And when that's gone in another eight days?

According to a Reuters report, legislators are working to put another $2 billion into the CARS program, a move that would keep the popular program ($1 billion in the first four official days of the program) alive. But if it took four days to spend $1 billion, will it take just another eight days to spend another 2?

The vote, if it comes, would come as early as Friday in the House. Since the House goes on recession late on Friday, it would have to.

The Senate would also have to approve the funds immediately.

The original intent was to provide $4 billion over a period of one year, but the program was cut back to 1 over 3 months. The money lasted four days.

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