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Hybrid Car Review: Boston Cab Owners Block Hybrid Taxis in Court

Friday, July 24, 2009

Boston Cab Owners Block Hybrid Taxis in Court

The plan to roll out hybrid taxis in Boston has hit a legal impasse once again.  Just as the latest case in New York on their efforts to bring hybrid taxis to the streets, a judge has sided with cab owners to block an enforced switch to a more fuel efficient fleet.

US District Judge William G. Young granted a temporary injunction against the rules set by the city of Boston to force fleet cab owners to switch over a 7 year period to hybrid taxicabs.

Boston has been insisting the long time period will help ease the transition, but cab owners want more choices. They insist they are all for improving the environment, but don't want to be forced to buy hybrids. They want more options.

The flexibility would help save them money since hybrid cars are a little more expensive than other options.

The current models being phased out are Crown Victoria's which cab owners say cost them as little as $4,000, but that can range up to $10,000. A new hybrid taxicab can cost them as 2-4X times as much to purchase and outfit.

The Boston cab owners were protesting using the same argument they made in NY saying the city requirements are unreasonable and infringe on federal authority to set fuel-economy and emissions standards.

Source: Judge blocks Hub’s rule on hybrid cab fleet - The Boston Globe

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